Raw Cheese Recall: Sally Jackson Cheeses

Sally Jackson Goat Cheese
Sally Jackson Goat Cheese

Washington state-based Sally Jackson cheese is facing a recall after an e.coli outbreak.

The FDA is warning that all of the Sally Jackson cheeses could be contaminated, and a recall is underway. The tricky part here is that Sally Jackson cheese isn’t labeled. They use natural wrappings like wax paper, grape leaves, or chestnut leaves. I love natural packaging, but the lack of labels isn’t so helpful in the case of a recall.

According to the FDA:

Sally Jackson brand cheeses made from raw cow, goat, and sheep milk were distributed nationwide. The cheeses were distributed to restaurants, distributors, and retail stores.

The three types of cheese are all soft raw milk cheeses in various sized pieces. The products do not have labels or codes. The cow and sheep milk cheeses are wrapped in chestnut leaves, the goat cheese is wrapped in grape leaves and all are secured with twine. The cheeses may have an outer wrapping of waxed paper.

Raw dairy is not legal in all states, and some folks think that all raw dairy is unsafe, citing recalls like this one as examples of consumers at unnecessary risk. Raw dairy advocates want the freedom to choose and point to the even larger recalls associated with industrial agriculture.

What do you guys think? Is raw dairy worth the potential risk?

via: The United States Agricultural and Food Law and Policy Blog

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Madame Fromage

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