How to Handle the Peanut Butter Recall? Try Almond Butter Instead.

almondsWith each of the recent salmonella outbreaks, I seem to develop a mysterious, if wholly unfounded, distaste for the culprit in all its manifestations. When it was spinach, I switched my salad to Caesar and stocked up on romaine. Then with tomatoes, I let my sandwiches suffice with crunchy cucumber instead. Despite the guidelines that usually accompany a recall, I’m happier to just abstain from the afflicted species for awhile until the buzz dies down

Now with peanut butter on the outs, you may find yourself seeking a B-list nut butter just to be safe. Technically speaking, jars of peanut butter are still in the clear. The thing is, peanut butter is already the lowliest of the nut butters and actually a legume butter, despite its popularity in the American market. So consider this latest epidemic an opportunity, if you will. If you’re with me, I’d like to introduce you to a more sophisticated escort to that jam in your sandwich: butter from almonds.

Almond butter isn’t hard to find; most well stocked grocery stores will have some right beside the peanut butter and at the very least, alongside the tahini in their health food sections. Trader Joe‘s also makes a nice one. Some particularly fancy places will even have freshly ground nut butters and that’s when almond butter really sings. But even the stuff from the jar is better than the very best peanut butter, with a more toothsome texture, a luxurious finish to its flavor and tons of nutrition to boot.

Almond butter boasts ten times the Omega-3 fatty acids of peanut butter, they’re high in monounsaturated fats and low in saturated fats, all of which make them a terrific way to boost heart health. Almonds are particularly known for high levels of calcium, magnesium, potassium, protein and Vitamin E. And since 715,623 tons, almost half the world’s almonds, are produced in the United States, the carbon footprint of this butter is relatively low.

Almond butter goes nicely with blackberry jam in sandwiches or for the more savory savvy, in a sauce for noodles or stir-fry. In time you may forget about the other butter altogether.

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  1. I love almond butter and you just reminded me that I have some in my pantry that I had forgotten about! I’ll enjoy eating that up. My only complaint is how expensive it is!

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