Hugelkultur: Possibly the Easiest Raised Beds You Can Build

hugelkulture raised beds

If you’ve been wanting to garden in raised beds because of poor soil quality or for weed control, hugelkultur might just be the thing!

Jo Borrรกs at our sister site Ecolocalizer shared this concept a little while ago, and it’s really cool! Jo gave both a long and short explanation of how hugelkultur might be the raised be solution for urban gardeners. The short version? You bury organic matter, creating mounds where you plant your seeds or seedlings.

For the long version, check out Jo’s post on hugelkultur or watch the video above.

hugelkulture raised beds

Of course, you can also try building a proper raised garden bed. My husband and I built ours three years ago, and they are just now needing some repairs. The screws are loose on a couple of corners, so we need to dig, re-drill, and rescrew those corners back together. I think we can get away with keeping our same raised beds without buying new wood. If they do bite it, though, maybe we will give this hugelkultur thing a go!

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