Pura Stainless Steel Bottle: Product Review

When I received an offer to try a Pura Stainless Steel Bottle, I thought it would be a great way to continue with my new plastic-free awareness. Made of solid stainless steel with a stainless steel lid, the beverage inside never touches plastic or a chemical liner.

Pura Stainless was created to find the answer to a common problem โ€“ how to prevent plastic water bottles from piling up in landfills. With single-use (you’re not supposed to use them more than once, although I think we all do) plastic water bottles being thrown away at the rate of 38 billion each year and taking hundreds of years to decompose in landfills, we clearly need an alternative.

Single-Use Plastic Water Bottle Alternatives

Reusable plastic bottles are one solution, but plastic can leach chemicals into whatever is carried inside them. BPA-free plastic bottles are available, but what else might be leaking out of the plastic? Many plastic bottles are recyclable, which is good, because they don’t last very long.ย  There are even some that are biodegradable.

Aluminum is another alternative. Aluminum bottles need liners to keep the aluminum from leaching into the beverage and the liner will degrade over time. Aluminum is recyclable, so that’s a plus, but the lids are still often made of plastic.

Pura Stainless bottles are made of food service grade, electro-polished stainless steel. The lids are made from the same stainless steel, ensuring the drink inside never comes in contact with plastic. The steel is recyclable, but it’s supposed to last a lifetime.

Testing the Pura Stainless Steel Bottle at Home

I tested the 20 ounce bottle first with my favorite beverage โ€“ ice water. Carrying it around with me during the day felt comfortable. It’s a good fit in my hand. It’s not a thermos, but it does fine keeping the water cold. The taste is clean, too, meaning I don’t taste the steel.

The bottle opening is wide enough for ice cubes.ย  It’s also dishwasher safe and came clean in the dishwasher.

I read in some other reviews that a lot of water condenses on the outside of the bottle. I didn’t find that to be the case. There was condensation, but it didn’t pool on the table. There was quite a bit less condensation than what I usually get with my plastic cups.

Testing the Pura Stainless Steel Bottle for Sports

My second test was to take it to soccer. The lid has a large loop through the top which can be used with a carabiner to attach it to a bag. The bottle also fits in the cup holder. The water stayed cold through the ninety minute session.

Soccer is as much a kid’s game as it is an adult’s game. There are always lots of kids on the sidelines and oftentimes, unattended items become toys. Even if they’re not pressed into service as a ball, drink bottles are often knocked over (bringing the water into contact with the lid). Sure enough, I came back to find it lying on the floor under a bench. No dents or scratches, though, and no leaking.

Warranty, Colors, and Cost

The Pura Stainless bottle comes with a lifetime warranty that covers most of the failures that can happen with normal use. Part of the warranty reads โ€œwe do not cover failures due to the bottle being…sucked into a chipper…โ€ That actually happened to a plastic water bottle of mine.

The Pura Stainless adult bottles come in a range of colors – natural stainless, blue, green, orange, light purple โ€“ and cost from $15.99 for the 0.6 liter size to $29.99 for the 2.0 liter size.

For the Kids

Pura Stainless also makes stainless steel baby bottles that transform into a sippy cup. They’re compatible with nipples from other major manufacturers. I didn’t try one, but I thought I’d mention it for anyone who’s interested. I’m happy enough with the adult bottle that I would try one if I had a kid the right age.

Making the Planet a Better Place

Pura Stainless also has several programs to make the world a better place.ย  Their Green15 program partners with organizations to co-brand the stainless steel bottles and give 15% of the sale to an eco-friendly organization of the partner’s choosing.ย  The Eco-Leader program helps companies and organizations to move away from bottled water by providing the stainless steel bottles at wholesale or deeply discounted prices.

The Eco-Dollars program provides an eco-friendly fundraiser for schools, clubs, teams, and organizations.ย  I know I would prefer water bottles to chocolate bars.

The Pura Stainless steel water bottle works well in my life.ย  It solves the problem of plastics leaching into my water and its durable construction ensures that it will last for many years.ย  I recommend this one when you need to replace your current reusable water bottles.

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    1. Steel edges out aluminum by a tiny bit. Steel lasts longer and doesn’t need a chemical liner on the inside like aluminum.

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