Pump Up Your Pantry: Three Tips to Stock Up and Save Money

Artists keep stocked with paint, pencils and other supplies so they can craft a masterpiece whenever the creative muse hits. Likewise, as someone passionate about food and cooking, your palette is your kitchen. Keep it stocked with the core ingredients necessary to whip up anything from bag lunches for the kids to an impromptu dinner party.

Stocking the pantry saves time and money – two non-renewable resources and drains on greening our lifestyle. With a little planning and organization, your pantry will never let you down. I recently gushed about my pantry passion in an article for Hobby Farm Home magazine, going into more detail on stocking the kitchen.

Here’s a few starter tips:

1. Buy in Bulk
What single ingredient do you use the most of? Save money and packaging by buying it in bulk. If you don’t have a local food co-op or buying club to purchase a large bag or case, ask you local grocery store if they will do a special order for you. Running a B&B, I buy my key organic baking staples – flour and sugar — in 50-pound bags and Organic Valley butter by the case.

2. Eat Up
There’s a corollary to “buy in bulk”: use it up. We all have items lingering on our kitchen shelves for too long from impulse buys (hey – it was on sale) or over-buying too much of something. Nothing sustainable about throwing out food past expiration date. The easiest way to use things up is to literally go cold turkey on buying groceries other than key essentials and focus on using up what you already have.

3. Get Creative with Substitutes
Think out of your precise recipe box and experiment with substitutions using items you already have. No cake flour? Use 1 c. all-purpose flour, remove 2 T. of the flour and add 2 T. cornstarch. Need buttermilk? Use 1 c. of any kind of milk, remove 1 T. milk and add 1 T. vinegar or lemon juice. Let it stand 5 minutes till it curdles.

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