Prop 37 CA Right to Know Fundraiser…in New York?

California Prop 37 GMO Right to Know

Organic food blogger Max Goldberg is teaming up with Food Babe to raise money to support Prop 37, a ballot initiative in California that would require GMO labeling. Why are folks on the other side of the country getting involved to support GMO labeling in a whole different state?

The answer is pretty simple: because this initiative is a big deal, and because the huge corporations fighting against Prop 37 certainly aren’t limited to California-based companies.

Huge corporations like Monsanto, Hershey, General Mills, and Dean Foods are spending big money to cloud the debate and convince folks in California that they don’t need to know what they’re eating. What’s even more surprising is that these companies are also using cash from their “natural foods” arms to oppose GMO labeling. Dagoba, which is owned by Hershey, for example, is opposed to GMO labeling, as are General Mills subsidiaries Larabar, Muir Glen and Nature Valley.

Goldberg says that proponents of truth in labeling are “being outspent $32 million to $3 million, or nearly 11-1” by corporate money opposing Prop 37. It’s shameful that these corporations are trying so hard to squelch our right to know just because it might hurt their profits if consumers could actually make informed choices about the food we’re buying. As Tanya pointed out in her piece about the Prop 37 battle:

Label the stuff already, and quit whining about how consumers are so silly for wanting to know what’s in their food. If Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers’ Association make food products that canΒ succeed on their own merits, fairly labeled: so be it. Carry on! Be ye merry and fruitful, etc etc etc.

HOWEVER: if you rely on secrecy and deception to get people to buy what you’re selling, then something is very wrong β€” and the American public is calling you on it.

Prop 37 Fundraiser and How You Can Help

Prop 37 would have an impact beyond California, and with huge corporations throwing big money around to stop it from passing, the folks fighting for GMO labeling need our help. If you live in New York, you can get deets about the October 1st fundraiser over at Living MaxWell.

Prop 37 GMO Labeling Fundraiser

Even if you’re not in New York or California, you can still get involved! Anyone who wants to can donate to support the Yes on 37 group. You can also organize your own local fundraiser and donate the proceeds to Yes on 37.

Like I mentioned above, it’s mostly large food corporations that are opposing the California Right to Know Act, and one thing you can do right now is vote with your dollar. Stop buying from companies that are spending big bucks to oppose our right to know.

Just as consumer pressure convinced Chick-fil-A to stop funding anti-gay hate groups, if we show corporations that we won’t support them if they behave this way, they just might think twice about it. For huge companies like these, it’s all about the bottom line.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Millions Against Monsanto

  1. Jonathan Aluzas

    The question is; what is a reasonable explanation for opposing food labeling? The Monsantos of the world would have you believe it’s going to cost taxpayer money to implement the new prop. They have never before cared about how you spend your money, so why now? That Monsanto is behind the opposition at all should be a red flag to all consumers.

  2. john

    Look I am for good food labeling, but it is important to know that if we outlaw GMO’s then farmers will go back to using pesticides. I don’t think anyone wants more pesticide applications, not good for the enviorment or increase residuals on the food. Also, Pesticides don’t control 100% so yeilds will be decreased. This will cause a significant increase in food prices. Some say it could raise the average families food budget about 20%.

    1. Becky Striepe

      I could not disagree more. Farmers growing GMO crops spray pesticides heavily now as they battle more and more Roundup-resistant weeds. It’s a huge problem. So huge that now biotech companies are producing crops resistant to even more toxic pesticides, like 2,4-D. GMOs do not mean fewer pesticides. The increase in food prices also feels like a total fakeout from big food. Big food companies – many of the same ones fighting so hard to stop Prop 37 – label GMOs in Europe right now, meaning that they either have non-GMO formulations for their products or know which products would need that label.

      The fewer pesticides/cheaper foods argument is one that biotech companies have fallen back on for years, but the facts behind those claims are flimsy at best.

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