Product Review: New Almond Milk Goodies from So Delicious Dairy Free

So Delicious Dairy Free Almond Milk

Despite what the dairy industry might tell you, non-dairy milks can be as healthy as they are delicious. Almond milk has been my vegan milk of choice for a couple of years now, since I’ve been trying to cut back on the soy in my diet. A little bit of soy is OK, but I was getting soy with every meal, which just felt like overkill to me.

ANYWAY. The point is that I love almond milk, so when the folks at So Delicious Dairy Free (makers of my favorite vegan ice cream in all the land) offered me samples of their new line of almond milk products, you know I jumped at the chance! I was expecting a few sample-sized containers, but they were incredibly generous and sent basically the whole new line!

All of So Delicious Dairy Free’s products are certified vegan and gluten free. They’re also soy free, and they all carry the Non GMO Project certification.

Almond Milk

There are lots of almond milk options out there already (heck, you can even make your own almond milk), and what makes So Delicious Dairy Free almond milk special is the extra protein. They sent me a carton of plain and a carton of vanilla almond milk, and I really liked them both.

Most almond milks contain around 1 gram of protein per serving, but these almond milks, fortified with protein from peas and rice, has 5 grams per 1 cup serving. That’s great news for me, since I’m just finishing up half marathon training and am always on the lookout for a protein boost.

What struck me about these almond milks was how….almondy…they tasted! I know, that sounds crazy, but most commercial almond milks taste pretty neutral to me. These tasted closer to my own homemade almond milk, which was delicious. I’ve been using my almond milk in coffee, on cereal, and in green smoothies with great results. It did separate when I used it in my cold brew coffee, but not in drip coffee. I’m not sure why, but that’s how it went down.

The Ice Cream

Holy moly, you guys. They sent me 5 pints of ice cream! I’ll be honest: I still haven’t tried all the flavors, because I am only one woman, and that’s a lot of ice cream. I tend to go for ice creams with fun mix-ins, so those are the pints that I’ve cracked so far.

  • Cherry Amaretto Ice Cream. I love fruity ice cream when it has big chunks of fruit, and this did not disappoint! The ice cream itself was creamy and smooth, and there were humungo cherries all throughout the pint. Love!
  • Mocha Almond Fudge. Coffee ice cream with big chunks of almond and bits of fudge? Don’t mind if I do!
  • Butter Pecan. I love butter pecan, and this was as tasty as any I’ve had from an ice cream counter. Don’t worry, there’s no butter in this ice cream. There isn’t even margarine!

The only ingredient in these ice creams that seemed a little bit sketchy to me was erythritol, so I did a bit of Googling. It turns out that this is a low-cal sugar substitute. I’m not super crazy about that, and if sugar substitutes are on your no-no list, I’d skip these ice creams. The milks do not contain erythritol.

Ice Cream Bars

No, really, they sent me ice cream bars to try, too. Two kinds! And I may have already eaten them all. Don’t judge me, ok?

  • Vanilla Bar. This is your standard vanilla ice cream bar dipped in chocolate. I really liked the chocolate shell, but the ice cream didn’t really do it for me. That did not stop me from eating the whole box, but I’m just throwing that out there.
  • Mocha Almond Fudge Bar. This was hands down my favorite. It was the mocha almond fudge ice cream dipped in chocolate and almonds. It was rich, creamy, and crunchy. So good!

The ice cream bars also contain erythritol, so if artificial sugar is not your thing, these are not for you.

Disclosure: So Delicious Dairy Free did send me free products, but the opinions in this review are 100% mine.

Image via So Delicious Dairy Free

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