Pour Over Coffee Made Easy

Pour Over Coffee Made Easy!

Pour over coffee makes a delicious, mellow brew but can seem intimidating if you’re used to a regular coffee pot. Here’s a simple guide to pour overs!

Pour over coffee is what it says it is: a coffee brewing method where you pour the water over the coffee instead of percolating or using a drip machine. The graphic below uses a single-cup pour over funnel, but you can use this same method for a Chemex to make more coffee at once.

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Why Make Pour Over Coffee?

If coffee tends to upset your stomach, switching to pour over can help! Because pour over coffee doesn’t steep with the beans for as long as it does in a percolator or drip machine, pour over coffee has less acid. It’s got a smooth taste with a lot less bitterness than most drip coffee I’ve had.

Pour Over Coffee: Method and Tools

This infographic shows you how to make the perfect single-cup pour over. You can scale up the amounts below if you’re using a larger pour over setup, like a Chemex. We have a Chemex in our house, and it is hands-down my favorite coffee-brewing method. I love the way the coffee tastes, and it doesn’t make me feel overly jittery like most other coffee does.

If you’re planning to make a large batch of pour over coffee, I also recommend picking up a carafe to store is. The Chemex doesn’t do a great job of keeping your coffee warm, so you may want to transfer it to something insulated once it’s brewed. If you’re planning to drink it right away, though, you don’t need to worry about this.

The only bummer about pour over coffee is that you sort of have to use a paper filter. We use unbleached cones, so at least we can compost them with the grounds. But we’re yet to find a reusable cone that makes good pour over coffee. If anyone has found a reusable cone for pour over coffee that works, please share in the comments! We’ve tried the metal mesh one, and the coffee it made was just terrible.

Ready to get your pour over on? Check out this infographic for some great visual instructions!

Pour Over Coffee Made Easy

Chemex photo via Shutterstock; Infographic via Visual.ly

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  1. Your coffee water ratio is completely off.
    For 25 – 30 grams of coffee you should be pouring 400-550 ml of water. 600 – 700 grams of water will make a very overextracted cup (bitter/astringent/industrial).
    As important as the coffee water ratio is the brew time which should be around 2:30 to 3:00. This will help you dial in your grind: under this time- grind more fine; over this time- grind more coarse.

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