Portion Control- Just How Much Food is on Your Plate?

It is very easy to misjudge portion sizes. We get super-sized portions while dining out and most of us do not take the time to measure out what a true serving size looks like when we cook at home. Portion control can be your key to permanent weight loss or weight control. Before your next meal check this list from WebMD of foods, serving sizes and visual clues. Check in with yourself and see how many servings you are actually eating in one sitting.

1 cup of raw or cooked veggies= a baseball
1 ear of corn=length of a pencil or 8 inches
1 baked sweet or regular potato= a computer mouse
1 cup salad greens= a baseball


1 Β½ ounces of hard cheese= 3 dice
Β½ cup frozen yogurt or ice cream= a light bulb
1 cup of yogurt (8 oz)= a baseball

1 bagel (3-4 inches in diameter)= a 6oz can of tuna
1 slice of whole grain bread= a cassette tape
1 cup of cooked pasta= a baseball
Β½ cooked brown rice= a light bulb
1 cup of popcorn= a baseball

ΒΌ cup almonds (about 12) or ΒΌ cup walnuts (about 7 walnut halves)= a golf ball
3 oz of chicken or beef= a deck of cards
3 oz of fish= a check book
Β½ cup cooked beans= a light bulb
2 tablespoon hummus= a golf ball
3 oz tofu= a cassette tape
Β½ cup tempeh= a cassette tape

1 apple (1 cup)= a baseball
1 banana= length of a pencil (about 8 inches)
Β½ cup blueberries= a light bulb
1 ounce of dried fruit= a golf ball
Β½ cup grapes- about 16 small grapes= a light bulb

1 tablespoon margarine, butter, mayonnaise, or salad dressing= a poker chip

2 inch brownie or 1 oz of chocolate= a package of dental floss
1 slice of cake= a deck of cards
1 muffin= a hockey puck
1 cookie= 2 poker chips

1 burrito= a checkbook
1 hamburger with bun (3oz of meat)= a deck of cards
1 cup of chili= a baseball
1 cup of French fries-about 10 fries= a baseball
1 hero sandwich-about 6 inches= a checkbook
3 inch sq of lasagna= a baseball
1 cup of lo mein= a baseball
1 cup of mac and cheese= a baseball
1 slice of pizza=2 dollar bills

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