Popchips Settles False ‘Natural’ Advertising Lawsuit


Popchips joins a growing list of food products that are positioned as ‘healthy’ but aren’t and settles a false ‘natural’ advertising lawsuit.

Consumers of Popchips snacks are entitled to up to $20 in rebates as the result of a class action settlement.  Consumers alleged that the chips are marketed as “all natural and healthier.”  Although, Popchips denies the allegations, the company agreed to settle. Given that many consumer and even some companies are believe Popchips to be healthier than junk food, it seems like they did the prudent thing to settle.

Or, as the folks at ClassActionRebates.com said on their website:

I used to eat a lot of Popchips, they were the best option in the vending machine on my floor. I am flabagated that these claims of being all natural are untrue. I thought they grow on the popchip tree, a close relative of the cotton-candy tree? Next thing you know, someone is going to tell me they aren’t local.

A group called Only Organic has produced a hilarious video called ‘The Natural Lie’ that makes you understand why companies like this have gotta mend their ways:

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