POM Gets Spanked by the FTC

POM Wonderful, the over-advertised pomegranate juice in unnecessarily cute bottles, has been called out by the Federal Trade Commission to stop claiming that pomegranate products can cure, prevent or treat any disease until approved by the FDA.

They make claims such as:

“SUPER HEALTH POWERS! … 100% PURE POMEGRANATE JUICE. … Backed by $25 million in medical research.  Proven to fight for cardiovascular, prostate and erectile health.”

The problem with making such claims is that only FDA-approved drugs can claim to cure, prevent or treat any disease.

POM is understandably upset.  To date, POM has spent $34 million on researching pomegranates.  That’s a lot of money on one fruit.  If the judge decides that POM is making false claims, they will no longer be able to use these statements on their packaging.  This is probably why they spent the money in the first place – so that they could use these claims for advertising.

POM should have hired me.  I could have saved them millions of dollars and a bunch of negative publicity with this advertising campaign:

“All fruits and vegetables are good for you – backed by thousands of years of evolution. Pomegranate juice comes from fruit and is yummy, so drink some.”

Pomegranates are good for you.  Pomegranate juice tastes good.

Do you need to drink overpriced juice to reap pomegranates’ health benefits?  No. Are whole pomegranates better for you than juice?  Yes, but those seeds are annoying. Could POM Wonderful have the health benefits it claims because of antioxidants?  Yes, but so do other fruits and vegetables.

Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables keeps you healthy – not eating just one in particular, no matter how good the research says it is for you.




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2 thoughts on “POM Gets Spanked by the FTC”

  1. I love POM and it is a wonderful juice. As a raw milk dairyman and owner of Organic Pastures Dairy near Fresno…I feel the POM pain from the FTC and FDA.

    We must change the role of the FDA. The idea that drugs approved by the FDA are the sole remedies of disease is on its face a farce and criminal. It is drug protectionist in the extreme. FDA approved drugs kill hundreds of thousands pf people per year as those some drugs drag in massive profits.

    I can not remember a health food that has killed anyone. A whole food does not have side effects and does heal all sorts of things.

    The FDA is a criminal organization and I tell everyone any time to please share with others that wholefoods heal inspite of FDA laws.

    Hypocrates said…2400 years ago. Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.

    Now the medical industry and hospitals are the 3rd leading cause of death in America. Hospitals have the worst food in America. Hospitals are breeding grounds for killer superbugs.

    The devil has a place in hell for the FDA and FTC….

    POM…take this to the supreme court….I will testify as a fellow food producer and show the massive benefits of whole foods….and the massive destruction of the FDA code and their suppression of food as a healing method.

    Mark McAfee
    Founder OPDDC
    Fresno CA

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