Poll: Consumers Want Truth in Labeling

GMO Labeling Poll Results

According to a recent poll over at MSNBC, 95% of respondents want truth in labeling and believe that genetically engineered food should be labeled.

We’ve talked about truth in labeling here before. It basically boils down to this: consumers want to know what’s in our food, and corporations like Monsanto don’t want us to know. The FDA claims that Americans don’t care about GMO labeling, and this poll shows that they are dead wrong. As of this writing, over 95% of the people who responded want truth in labeling, and that means knowing what foods contain genetically engineered ingredients (see the screenshot above).

Get Heard about Truth in Labeling

If we want to change the FDA’s perception of public opinion, they need to hear from us! You can sign the Organic Consumer’s Association petition for truth in labeling. Want to go further? Let your representatives know how you feel.

1 thought on “Poll: Consumers Want Truth in Labeling”

  1. I replied this back to Obama’s Food Twitter when I saw the tweet and I said, ‘Are ya surprised???” Honestly, why do they even bother with this kind of polls??? What did they think they are going to find, that we don’t care what we eat? That we don’t need to read what they feed us?

    Don’t get me wrong. It’s great that this proves to them (the food industry, the gov’t agencies, lobbyists, etc.) that Americans are NOT stupid but the poll in and of itself makes me laugh.

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