Plastic-Free February, Day 4

Sad news, my husband recycled my first plastic-free food storage container.

He didn’t realize I had a plan for the glass salsa jar and its metal lid, so he popped it in the recycling bin and set it by the curb. By the time I realized they were missing, it was already too late. Guess I’ll have to eat another jar of salsa. Poor me.

Plastic Utensils

I noticed today that my utensil canister has a few plastic spoons and spatulas. I haven’t used them in a long time, but they’re sitting there, waiting for me to dip them in a hot pot. Heat increases the rate at which plastic leaches into food, so I’ll need to move those out of the kitchen.

Should I repurpose them, maybe in the garden? I’m not sure they can be recycled. Giving them to Goodwill would just move the problem into somebody else’s kitchen. I’ll box them up and put them in the back of closet until I decide what to do.

Cooking with Plastic

When I first thought of cooking with plastic, I thought of microwave cooking with solid plastic containers. I didn’t think of non-stick coatings on stove top skillets. Non-stick coatings are also plastic.

Another plastic goodie is wax paper. The wax is synthetic and made of petroleum. Parchment paper is a bit more expensive, but I’m not much of a baker, so the cost won’t hurt me too much.

What Is and What Isn’t Plastic?

Part of the problem of removing plastic from my life is that I don’t know which materials in my house are plastic. Some are obvious because we use the word β€œplastic” in everyday life to describe them. Some are sneaky, since the box is labeled β€œwax” and I had to look that up to find out what kind of wax it was.

Awareness of the amount of plastic around us is a big part of plastic-free February, at least for me.

Mike Lieberman of Urban Organic Gardener made this video to share his efforts at plastic-free February.Β  He has some nifty ideas.

Image by kowitz, used with Creative Commons license.

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