Plastic-Free February, Day 11

So far, I’ve been thinking about me, me, me. What about my pets?

Plastic Dogs

Since this is plastic-free February, I’ve been noticing the plastic that I’ve surrounded them with. Each dog has a โ€œhouseโ€, which is really a large metal cage with a plastic floor. I rarely shut the doors to their houses. I mostly use them as a place to feed the dogs.

Which brings me to their feeding bowls โ€“ plastic, except for the dish belonging to the most recent addition to the household. Their water bowls are also plastic.

Dog food comes in large paper sacks with an inner paper lining. The inner lining might be waxed, I’m not sure. If it is, then it is likely synthetic wax, which, as I learned a few days ago, is actually plastic.

The puppy loves his tennis balls. I’m not positive, but it looks like tennis balls are synthetic fabric wrapped around synthetic rubber. There may be other components to a tennis ball.

Their collars are sturdy nylon (a form of plastic) with plastic clasps and a metal ring to hang their dog licenses on.

Beyond that, the dogs don’t have much. The two older dogs don’t care for toys or treats and the puppy is fixated on his tennis balls.

Plastic Fish

The fish are living in quite the plastic paradise. While the tank itself is made of glass, the light holder (the thing that holds the light bulb; it probably has a real name) is made of plastic, as is the lid of the tank.

The filters, air tubing, and fake plants are all plastic. The air pump is plastic on the outside at least, and probably also on the inside. Fish flakes come in a plastic canister.

When we bought the fish, we brought them home in a plastic baggie.

Much of that plastic lasts the life of the animal. The dogs get one or two collars over the course of their 15-20 year lifespan. The bowls, too, are rarely replaced. On those rare occasions when I need to get something new for an animal, I need to remember to make it non-plastic.

Image by roberto_venturini, used with Creative Commons license.

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