Plastic-Free February, Day 10

This plastic-free February is difficult.Β  If only there were a manual.

Laundry Plastic

Last year, Texas had a rebate program for people buying new high-efficiency washers and dryers. We didn’t manage to get one – they were given out in a limited number – but the stores had such great sales that we got a high-efficiency washer at the time. They use less water, less energy, and less soap, but the clothes are just as clean as our old washer in its heyday.Β  Our old washer was nearly gone anyway. Unfortunately, high-efficiency washers need detergents designed for them.

I’ve been using liquid detergents because that’s what I could find, but they come in plastic bottles. Powdered detergents come in cardboard boxes. Tomorrow, I’ll have to really double down on the effort to find a powder.

Bathroom Plastic

I’ve been thinking about the big pile of plastic in my bathroom. I know there are shampoo bars out there, but I’m not sure they’re available near me. If I don’t find one tomorrow, I’ll look for online stores that offer it.

Leah Zerbe on is writing about her plastic-free adventures this week. She challenged her stylist to come up with plastic-free styles – no gel or sprays out of a plastic bottle. I was impressed with the cute styles she made with so few styling products. She used salt water to extend the time before she needed to shampoo again and aloe directly from the plant as a hair gel. Aloe grows around my house prolifically, so that’s a tip I’ll definitely be trying.

Image by daveynin, used with Creative Commons license.

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