Pizza Recipe for Your Health (+ Bonus Raw Food Pate Recipe)

pizza recipe

I think nearly everyone loves pizza. Cheese and flour aren’t the healthiest foods, but with a little bit of innovation, your pizza can be both delicious and healthy. Try out this pizza recipe below next time you are craving a pizza, and maybe the homemade black sesame bonus recipe as well.

Healthy and Fun Pizza Recipe

  1. To start with, take out your pizza stone, pour a little olive oil on the stone, smooth out the oil on the surface and scatter black sesame seeds generously over it. Black sesame seeds build bones, as they are high in calcium, zinc, and protein.
  2. Stretch out the pizza dough onto the pizza stone. I know pizzas are often cooked with the stone heated to 500 degrees beforehand (i.e. before the dough is stretched on it). However,  I prefer to do it with a cold stone. It works fine this way and saves some energy.
  3. Spread a mix of organic chopped tomatoes on top — a half of container, at least, of fresh whole grape tomatoes — and then add handfuls of fresh herbs.  Lavishly spread grated or shredded vegan cheeses or rennetless organic cheeses of your choice and, finally, add some fresh greens on top.My favorite green is kale. Kale adds a good deal more calcium and magnesium to the pizza, too. I love spinach as well. For some reason, I’d recommend putting spinach under the cheese (kale on top) — I don’t know why.
  4. After pulling the pizza from the oven, sprinkle it with freshly ground black pepper — for taste, but also because it is a wonderful Ayuvedic herb for the spleen.

For this home cooking, quick-to-put-together pizza, one can buy a pizza dough at Whole Foods or other grocery store of your choice. If you are a purest, you can grind the flour fresh and make the dough. The importance of this pizza is the home-made love, seeds, greens, and stone. And make sure you use a lot of fresh, ripe cherry tomatoes for the luscious, juicy taste of the fruit and a good dose of lycopene, an essential for good eyesight.

I think this pizza stands on its own. However, you can add some raw balance as well if you are up for it. A green salad and celery sticks with the following raw-food pate can add some useful enzymes to the meal.

Homemade Black Sesame Pate

  1. First, rinse and soak black sesame seeds (approx. 1 cup) and raw walnuts (as desired) for 4-8 hours. Chill in the fridge until needed. Soaking activates the gestation of hormones in the seed, nourishing and blending essence with enzymes.
  2. Next, blend the seeds in a good blender or food processor with chunks of celery, leeks, and scallions. The walnuts are rich with vegetarian omegas and are a vegetarian yang food, as the Chinese (or my mother) would say.
  3. Generously, add lime juice and fresh oregano for immune support, and, if you are into plant-based medicine, add some basil to prevent common headaches or another herb of your choice.
  4. The final but necessary ingredients to balance and ground the food formula are fresh black pepper and some healthy Celtic salt, Himalayan salt, or wet sea salt blended well with a dash of flax or borage oil to nourish the bones and brain.

Now, smooth out the pate and it is ready. Dip the celery sticks in or even spread some of it on the pizza!

Enjoy your meal & let me know if you have any other suggestions below!

Photo Credit: Adam Kuban via flickr

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