Pink Slime Production Cut Way Back

Ground beef

Pink slime production has been cut way back since the public outcry against the ammonia-treated beef scraps began. Three of the four plants producing “lean, finely textured beef” stopped production on Monday.

Beef Products, Inc., makers of pink slime, said business has declined substantially since social media took interest, especially once concerned parents and others started trying to get the beef byproduct removed from school lunches.

Operations have been suspended at plants in Amarillo, Texas, which produced about 200,000 pounds each day; Garden City, Kansas, 350,000 pounds per day; and Waterloo, Iowa, also 350,000 pounds per day. One plant in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota will continue to produce pink slime.

Officially, the operations have been suspended for sixty days. The time will be spent rebuilding business (finding new buyers?) and addressing concerns about pink slime. They’ve reportedly launched a web site at to help repair the public image of pink slime, although when I tried to visit the site, it requested a password from me. (Editor’s note: The site appears to be up and running now.)

I’m interested in hearing how they’ll fix the image of pink slime. I think we’re all aware that it’s beef that nobody would buy, which is then exposed to ammonia to sanitize it and then labeled “fit for human consumption” and mixed in with beef that people would buy to disguise it. What new information would make this product more appetizing?

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5 thoughts on “Pink Slime Production Cut Way Back”

  1. If this product is so great, then why why weren’t we told about its “benefits” before they used it???

  2. I took a look at the beefisbeef website and I am so disgusted, but that is nothing new. Its amazing how these people can sleep at night, defending everything right and left. The article about them sanitizing the “meat” with ammonia because it is a natural gas…I mean its so disheartening. And people are tweeting and FB liking the article! I wouldn’t even keep the link in your post if I were you because its promoting their brainwashing :(

  3. Thank God! I’m especially glad that it’s use in school cafeterias has been uncovered. At least I have a choice of what I buy when I go to the market, whereas the kids have to eat whatever is being served. At least serve something not treated with a household cleaning agent!

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