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Are you loving the late spring and early summer bounty of local produce lately? Our CSA baskets are brimming with goodies, and sometimes I can’t even figure out how to cook them all before they start to turn! Pickling is one great way to extend the life of your fresh veggies (and sometimes even fruits!) so you can enjoy them later on in the season or even over fall and winter when those fresh warm-weather veggies are out of season.

This video, from the ever-amazing Food in Jars, quickly walks you through how to pickle some common spring/summer veggies:

The recipes that she’s referencing in this awesome stop motion video are:

The pickles in this video are hot water processed, which means they’re properly canned and will last you months on the shelf. If you’re intimidated by proper pickling, don’t fret! You can still preserve your summer bounty by making refrigerator pickles. Refrigerator pickles have a shorter shelf life – just a few weeks – but that’s a lot longer than carrots or asparagus would last in the fridge!

Have you been doing any pickling this spring and summer? I’d love to hear what you’re putting up!

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