Update: Petition to get Congress off the Bottle Delivered

Since the news that Congress is spending nearly a million dollars a year on bottled water, a petition was started to stop this and it was delivered on Tuesday with 65,000 signatures – 50,000 of which were obtained by change.org.

Hopefully everyone who felt strongly about asking Congress to stop spending money on bottled water was able to sign the petition, but it’s not too late to tell Congress you want to eliminate bottled water purchases from the budget.  The more people that sign – the more impact it has.

Reasons you should sign the petition and reason congress should stop the habitual drinking of bottled water.

  • When the total costs of bottled water are divided amongst member of Congress, it’s nearly $2000 per member!  Who spends $2000 on bottled water a year?  Most Americans cannot afford that, why should Congress members get that?  It’s just absurd!  In fact, it doesn’t even seem reasonable.  Are they actually extremely concerned about hydration and drinking approximately 5 bottles of water a day, or is there just a lot of bureaucracy overhead costs?  Either way, an unbelievable indulgence.
  • Bottled water is a huge marketing gimmick – manufactured demand – to make people think that tap water is unsafe and that they should buy ‘pure’ water in a bottle.  You can read about why this isn’t necessarily true here.   Since I can’t say it any better myself, I’ll quote Wenonah Hauter from Food and Water Watch:

“Bottled water is an elaborate scam designed to strike fear among the public that tap water is somehow unsafe to drink. This is a real opportunity for members of Congress to step up and demonstrate their faith in public tap water systems by slashing spending on wasteful, unnecessary bottled water from their budgets.”

Sign the petition and spread the word by sharing this post or the petition link.

Sources:  Get Congress off the Bottle

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons by stevendepolo

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