Petition: Tell WalMart, Albertsons, and Shaws to Stop Selling Unsustainable Fish

WalMart and its unsustainable seafood policy are endangering our oceans

While some big chains like Costco have adopted a sustainable seafood policy, many companies continue to offer endangered fish. It’s time for Walmart and SUPERVALU, who owns Albertsons and Shaws, to step up and change their policies.

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or an omnivore, this petition matters. You may choose to eat sustainable seafood or no seafood at all, but as long as big grocery stores are stocking unsustainable fish, the oceans are in danger.

Thanks to overfishing, over 75 percent of fisheries are in serious trouble, and fish like the blue fin tuna are dwindling in numbers. Large chains that continue to sell unsustainable seafood are only making things worse. Greenpeace ranked supermarkets on their seafood sustainability, and WalMart and SUPERVALU both scored in the top 20 worst offenders. The problem with these chains isn’t just the fish they sell but the volume of business that they do. If these grocery giants would commit to sustainable seafood, it would have a huge impact on the health of the world’s oceans.

Greenpeace and are teaming up to send these grocery giants a message, and you can help! Sign the petition to tell Walmart and SUPERVALU that you don’t support these policies!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by jeff-barnes

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