Pepsi Expanding Marketing to Teens and the Health Conscious

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Recent reports declare Pepsi is modifying its products to appeal to the more health conscious consumer. Will the misinformed shopper buy into their marketing tactics?

Pepsi plans on expanding is nutrition focus in the future. The CEO of Pepsi, Indra Nooyi would like the company to have a stronger focus on foods that are healthier. These changes include lowering salt content, focusing on whole grains, and utilizing more dairy and fruits.

The most notable change is the innovative salt Pepsi may use. It contains less sodium, covers more surface area and still maintains the high salty taste. So instead of modifying the eating habits of people by encouraging less junk food, the salt is modified. Consumers will still crave the high salt taste and continue to purchase chips and snacks like it. This is a problem.

Pepsi has decided to not only market to those with good health intentions, but to teens as well. About a decade ago, Pepsi refrained from marketing to teenagers. With social marketing in everyone’s pocket lately, Pepsi has decided take advantage of the teen scene. They have created a social marketing vending machine. The consumer can buy a soda for himself and also send a virtual soda to a friend’s phone. The virtual soda comes with a code to redeem at another vending machine. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. But what are they giving? Sugary drinks that probably lead to obesity. Wonderful.

Companies such as this make it difficult to discuss food with the lay customer, because the lay customer cannot decipher what food is. Everything has become low-cal, low salt, no sugar, calorie free c.r.a.p. (convenient, refined and processed.) So as nutrition conscious individuals, we must one-by-one inform those around us what real food is. We cannot let savvy marketing get the best of us.

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Image Credit to creative commons user Just Another Wretch

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  1. I think humans are smart enough to figure out what foods are healthy and what foods are not. I personally love Pepsi and rarely go a day without it. Marketing by Pepsico makes no difference to me.

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