Peanut Butter becoming Scarce?

peanut butter shortage

Don’t panic! There should be plenty of peanut butter to go around. No need to start hoarding and looting like it’s the zombie apocalypse.

Even though Smucker’s has recently told buyers that some less-popular peanut butter varieties will not be made until possibly as late as January 2012, the most popular varieties will remain available and in reasonable supply.

Peanut supply

The reason for the action is the soaring price of peanuts compounded with a low-quality peanut crop this year. Even though this will obviously affect the amount of peanut butter (and other peanut products), it is not expected to be a full-out peanut butter shortage.

This year’s peanut crop suffered from a drought, which led to more peanuts being spoiled by the cancer-causing aflatoxin.

The effect and alternatives

Other major companies that produce peanut butter haven’t yet announced a reduction in the amount of product but are watching the situation.

So there may not be a total shortage, but prices will likely rise.

Nuts are good for you: they are a good source of protein and even can help maintain weight. Even if there is a slight shortage, there exist many other delicious alternatives: nutella, almond butter, cashew butter…nom.

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4 thoughts on “Peanut Butter becoming Scarce?”

  1. Here in Scotland I buy jars of peanut butter with just peanuts no salt or any other stuff added. Over the years I have trained myself to not need salt to which other people seem to be addicted to a point where I doubt where they ever taste anything else.

    1. I really prefer peanut butter without salt! I miss living in the States and having places where you could grind your own peanut butter. Haven’t found one in the UK yet.

  2. Suma sell peanut butter with salt which you should be able to buy in most health food store email Suma and ask them where your nearest stockist is.

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