OrganWise Guys – Ready for the School Year

With only a week or two left before the kids return to school, the OrganWise Guys are ready. They have organized lessons according to state standards and released new educational materials to go with MyPlate.

The OrganWise Guys are a school nutrition and physical activity program that uses cute, plush puppets to teach pre-school and elementary aged children about basic health and nutrition.

OrganWise Guys State Curriculum Standards

Each state in the U.S. sets its own standards for its school systems. The OrganWise Guys have a search form that will pull up the relevant lessons for each state by grade and subject.

The search results show the state standards along with a link to each lesson and activity book that can be used to teach the standards.

OrganWise Guys and MyPlate

In June, the USDA introduced MyPlate to replace the food pyramid. The OrganWise Guys have put together MyPlate materials, featuring a poster, cafeteria banner, puzzle, placemat, and assembly kit. Kids can learn about making healthy food choices with the cute cartoon OrganWise Guys.

The OrganWise Guys are geared toward school curriculums, but they can be used by parents at home to reinforce lessons learned at school. The materials are fairly priced, making them affordable for individuals and organizations. With so many cuts in school funding, this is important.

Image of Shalimar’s Class with their plush OrganWise Guys from the OrganWise Guys.

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