Organic Food Bars from Nii Bar

Organic Food Bars Nii Bars

Shanais Pelka makes healthy organic food bars, and she needs our help to get her little company off the ground!

I will be honest with you guys: meal-replacing bars and drinks are not my thing. I’m with Andrea at Virbant Wellness Journal on that one. So often, those meal replacements are just glorified candy bars or milkshakes filled with as many processed ingredients as everything else that you buy in a wrapper. That is where Nii bars are different. Pelka uses whole food, organic ingredients, and she’s very open about what goes into her organic food bars.

You can check out what she’s trying to do on her Kickstarter page, including full ingredients lists for each of her products. I’m always wary of “natural flavoring,” so I asked her to clarify what the natural strawberry flavor was in her Cashew Berry Bar. Here’s her reply to my query:

The strawberry flavor is organic strawberry juice concentrate, organic tapioca syrup, water, and organic alcohol. Let me know if you have any other questions.

I have to tell you: that kind of honesty and transparency is not common. I review a lot of products, and I can’t tell you how hard it is sometimes to get folks to tell you what is in things. They’re always eager to tell you what’s not in their products, but if you question specific ingredients, you get some dicey answers.

Want to know more about Nii Bars? Check out Pelka’s Kickstarter video:

Want to help her get her organic food bars company off the ground? You can kick some cash her way by heading over to the Nii Bar page on Kickstarter.

I’d love to hear from you guys, too. Do you eat organic food bars or other meal replacements? I usually avoid the store-bought sort in favor of homemade. Will you give Nii Bars a try when they are on store shelves?

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  1. They taste great but they are way too expensive for their size. The company should either keep the price as is but enlarge the bars, or decrease the price while maintaining the size they are now. It is extremely possible to price oneself out of business in the economy of today. Otherwise some of us won’t be buying them for any reason what so ever due to pricing and Extremely bad economy and income.

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