Open Source Beehives Help Fight Colony Collapse

Open Source Beehives Project

Loss of habitat is one of the major factors contributing to the mass pollinator deaths that are threatening our food future. The Open Source Beehives Project is looking to protect honeybees and other pollinators by making it easy for folks to set up bee habitats in our backyards or on our patios.

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Pollinators like honeybees are a critical part of our food system. Without pollinators, you can say goodbye to over 100 foods like almonds and blueberries that rely on these helpful insects to produce.

Open Source Beehives

Our sister site Ecopreneurist shared a great story and video about The Open Source Beehive Project. The group has created plans for two beehive designs that can each be cut out of one piece of wood using special equipment. They’re also able to be flat-packed (like Ikea furniture), which reduces the carbon footprint and price of shipping.

Right now, the project is looking for funding, and you can help them out by visiting their Indiegogo campaign and supporting them.

Want to learn more about this awesome project to help save bees and other pollinators? You can read Derek’s article from Ecopreneurist in full below!

Honeybees Could Get a Boost from Open Source Printable Smart Beehives (via Ecopreneurist)

If you’ve been paying attention to the disturbing news about the current state of honeybees, which we rely on for pollinating a large percentage of our food crops, you know that colony collapse disorder has been wiping out beehives across the country…

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