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on demand booze

It’s 3 o’clock PM on you brother’s “big” birthday and you’re 3000 miles away and you just realized you never sent a gift.  Well, thank your luck stars, there are a slew of new on demand booze delivery services out there to make it all ok.  And, they are not just for birthdays.  Last minute gifts for anniversaries, promotions, graduations, you name it.  These last minute liquor delivery services will save the day. Here they are, in order of my preference:


on demand booze delivery

Where they serve: I couldn’t find this information on their site so I had to trust TechCrunch which notes that Minibar is available across the web and on mobile in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Jersey City, The Hamptons, Ithaca, Dallas, Hoboken, Westchester, Silicon Valley, Palm Beach and Miami.

What they say they do: “Minibar partners with the best stores to provide consumers with a better way to order wine, spirits, beer & more.”

Most expensive bottle in New York City: Balvenie 25 Year 750ml – $669.99 (New York City)

Least Expensive bottle in New York City: Butternuts Heinnieweisse Beer 12oz – $1.99 (New York City)

The good news: I ended up using Minibar because it has a visually stunning sight, easy to navigate product selection and offered complimentary gift wrapping and free and one hour delivery. I had a customer service question and they were right on it.

The bad news: The site is slow to comparison shop between stores in your delivery area, so its a bit challenging to see a full inventory of offerings or make price comparisons.


on demand booze delivery

Where they serve: Saucey is available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and is coming soon to Chicago and Dallas.

What they say they do: “Your favorite beer, wine, spirits delivered in under an hour.”

Most expensive bottle in San Francisco: Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne 750 ml – $65.00

Least Expensive bottle in San Francisco: Angry Orchard Apple Cider Apple Cider 6-pack – $11.00

The good news: Saucy also has a visually attractive sight, easy to navigate product selection and always offers free delivery in no more than an hour. They just raised $4.5 million in VC funding so they may be coming to a city near you soon.

The bad news: Limited availability; limited selection especially of higher end booze.




Where they serve: Drizly is currently available in Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Boulder, Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, NYC (including Brooklyn and the Hamptons), Seattle, St. Louis, Vail and Washington D.C.  For more information about where they offer delivery, you can check out their coverage maps.

What they say they do: “Drizly is the technology company powering the fastest, most convenient way for consumers of legal drinking age to get beer, wine and liquor delivered to their doorstep.”

Most expensive bottle in San Francisco: Unknown (The bad news)

Least Expensive bottle in San Francisco: Unknown (The bad news)

The good news: At this point, Drizly serves the most cities so they may be the only on demand booze delivery service in your area. Also, you will always pay the same price as you would in-store with no mark-up.

The bad news: If you can believe it, there is no sort function on the site and the search function is limited to searching for subcategories (vodka, gin, etc… in the liquor category).




Where they serve: Thirstie currently delivers to most of New York, Hoboken, Jersey City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Austin, Dallas, Washington, D.C., New Haven, and will be expanding to other areas soon.

What they say they do: “Thirstie provides the convenience of bottle-service delivery at the touch of a button, eliminating the hunt for a liquor store, long lines, and arduous bottle-lugging.”

Most expensive bottle in San Francisco: Unknown (The bad news)

Least Expensive bottle in San Francisco: Unknown (The bad news)

The good news: Hmmm….

The bad news:  Again, there is no search or sort function on the site, which makes it impossible for me to find what I was looking for.


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