Are You Getting What You Need? Top 5 Nutrition Resources for New Vegans


Are you looking for some good nutritional guidance, to make sure you’re getting what you need from your newly plant-based habits? Thinking of going vegan, but not sure exactly how to healthfully make the leap? Look no further: these nutrition resources make it easy to be a healthy herbivore!

1. The Vegan R.D.

Ginny Messina knows her business; and her business is vegan nutrition! Follow her blog for info on anything and everything related to meeting nutritional needs within a vegan diet. For the full (vegan) Monty in one big boss reference book, seek out Vegan for Life — a comprehensive look at vegan nutrition, by Messina and fellow-plant-based-dietician Jack Norris.

If you’re a she-type vegan, seek out Vegan for Her by Ginny Messina and JL Fields; for 50+ vegan newbies, check out Messina’s newest book Never Too Late to Go Vegan (with Carol J. Adams and Patti Breitman). All of these works offer a comprehensive and easy-to-read exploration of everything you ever wanted to know about vegan nutrition, but were afraid to ask!

2. Vegan Health

Jack Norris, R.D. also runs, a science-based nutrition site that’s well researched and very thorough, but still easily accessible to the average Joe or Josephine who wants the vital info on healthy vegan eating: highly recommended!

3. Vegetarian Resource Group offers a massive compilation of vegan nutrition information with research links, in an easily accessible and searchable format. If you have any questions about vegan nutrition, I’m willing to bet you a hypothetical dollar you’ll find the answers here!

4. Nutrition Facts

Michael Greger M.D. searches out the most current and interesting nutrition research, to bring you the best information on healthy eating from a plant-based perspective. offers a searchable database with articles and videos covering everything you might ever want to ask about vegan nutrition — plus many things you probably haven’t even thought to ask yet!

5. Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine promotes preventive medicine through a variety of programs emphasizing plant-based living; they also work to end animal cruelty in the medical world through programs targeting practices like vivisection and animal testing. PCRM offers some excellent nutritional resources including a 21-day Vegan Kickstart program, a well-researched and easy to read compilation of health topics related to vegan eating and a treasure trove of resources for transitioning towards a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Full Speed Ahead!

Whether you’re actively exploring vegan habits or just beginning to consider moving towards a plant-based plan, use these resources to embrace a healthy vegan diet. Meeting your nutritional needs within a plant-based paradigm may be easier than you thought.

Use these resources to enjoy a lifetime of happy, healthy, and compassionate eating — why wait? Go check ’em out!

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4 thoughts on “Are You Getting What You Need? Top 5 Nutrition Resources for New Vegans”

  1. Some great resources! A lot of vegan recipes can have oil/fat and can be fairly involved with ingredients that people don’t tend to have. People seem to like my simple tasty starch-based meals as well.

  2. John L. Farthing

    To a great extent, the choices we make are shaped by habits (good or bad) that we’ve developed over a lifetime. Just knowing that some of our dietary habits are unhealthy is not enough. Just knowing that there are alternatives is not enough. The most serious obstacle to needed change is misinformation about what works and what doesn’t—or simple unawareness of the factual basis for doing things in a different (better!) way. That’s why the resources highlighted in Ms. Sitton’s post are so valuable. Many thanks!

  3. Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this information – I am finding it most helpful, especially the site. I have never heard of Dr. Greger before today, and what he provides is just perfect for me: dietary information drawn from peer-reviewed studies , consolidated and presented with gentle humor. Wonderful!

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