Numi Organic Tea Giveaway

Numi Organic Tea

Numi Organic Tea is announcing a contest to design their next tea blend and they’re also giving away a collection of Numi Organic teas to one lucky reader here at Eat Drink Better!

Tea conjures up images of warmth, quiet, and time with family or friends (or just by myself).  Tea is such a simple product; it’s easy to find quality teas in the local grocery store that suit October Unprocessed.  Tea leaves are picked from the plant and steamed (green and white teas) or dried and fermented (black and oolong).  Tea also has health benefits, especially green tea.

Numi Organic Tea was founded by brother and sister team Ahmed and Reem Rahim. Their vision is to create high-quality teas and inspire well-being of mind, body, and spirit through the simple art of tea. They offer a wide selection of delicious black, white, green, pu-erh, and herbal, organic, fair trade, and non-GMO project certified teas.

Create Numi’s Next Signature Blend

Numi Organic Tea is inviting their fans, new and old, to design Numi’s next blend. Just use ingredients found in Numi’s Artisan’s Tea Blending Kit and/or spice and herbs from your own kitchen to create a delicious tea blend. Once you have the signature blend just right, enter it for a chance to win a trip to San Francisco, California for you and a guest for a two night stay and a private cupping at Numi’s Headquarters. Details on how to enter the Create Numi’s Next Signature Blend contest are on their site.

Numi’s kit for designing tea blends at home contains green tea pearls, Yunnan black tea (Chinese breakfast), Bai Mu Dan white tea, and rooibos, plus Moroccan mint, ginger, lemongrass, orange peel, cinnamon, and wild rose petals. The kit also includes a glass teapot, twenty tea bags, and a recipe guide packaged in a reusable craft box.

Numi’s Collection Giveaway at Eat Drink Better

Numi's CollectionNumi Organic Tea is also offering a Numi’s Collection for one lucky reader here at Eat Drink Better. Numi’s Collection is a sampler of eighteen of their popular teas: four green teas, four black teas, three pu-erh teas, one white tea, and five herbal teas.

Green Tea: Gunpowder Green, Jasmine Green, Toasted Rice, Maté Lemon, Decaf Simply Green;

Black Tea: Aged Earl Grey™, Breakfast Blend, Decaf Earl Grey, Golden Chai™;

Pu∙erh Tea: Chocolate Pu∙erh, Emperor’s Pu∙erh, Cardamom Pu∙erh;

White Tea: White Rose;

Herbal Teasan: Chamomile Lemon, Rooibos, Moroccan Mint, Rooibos Chai, and Honeybush

To win, just comment below and let us know your favorite Numi’s tea blend.

For additional entries, do one or more of the following. Remember to leave a separate comment for each thing, so that all of your entries get counted.

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The contest is only open to people with continental U.S. addresses. Entry period closes at 5 p.m. Central time on Sunday, Oct 13. We’ll announce the winners on Monday.

Update:  We have our winner!

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  1. Awesome contest. I have tried Moroccan Mint and found it so refreshing to my palate. I’d would love to brew up what you got and try it too!

  2. So far classic Jasmine Green is my favorite, but I’d love to try something new! Thank you! Followed on FB and Twitter.

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