No More Kids Meals at Taco Bell

Taco Bell Kids Meal

Taco Bell announced that it will no longer sell kids meals. It’s the first national fast food restaurant to do so.

Kids meals are designed to appeal to children with their cheap plastic toys. Public health efforts have focused on removing those toys from kids meals to make them less appealing. Jack-in-the-Box quit putting toys in their kids meals in 2011, although they still sell the meals themselves.

Kids meals are also designed to appeal to parents with their small size and low price. Neither strategy seemed to be working for Taco Bell.

According to USA Today, sales of kids meals came to about half of 1% of Taco Bell’s total sales. Compared to McDonald’s, which gets more than ten percent of its revenue from Happy Meals. Taco Bell’s main group of customers are in their late teens and early twenties, many of whom haven’t started families yet, so it’s no surprise that kids meals haven’t paid off for them.

Still, it’s good news for people concerned with public health and for anyone who has kids that keep asking for those little toys. It’s one less fast food restaurant that will appeal to kids.

4 thoughts on “No More Kids Meals at Taco Bell”

  1. I’m not surprised with the move of Taco Bell. I observed that toy giveaways are not actually appealing to their customers. They must think other means to attract those who really love Tacos. Also, I think children love burgers.

  2. I went to taco bell and found out they are no longer doing kids meals. The first thing I thought was they are no longer a family friendly restaurant. My daughter likes the kids meals because she feels special when she has her own meal and all of the other meals are too much food for her. I do agree with the toys, taco bell has had the crappiest toys ever. My kids have never really gotten into the toys, most of the time we gave them away. It is sad that they had made this step and I will probably no longer go there as a family :(

  3. Fast food meat isn’t all meat. Corn tortillas are probably made from GMO corn. Everything is the lowest possible quality to get away with adding their secret sauces and flavorings filled with salt and sugar to make it appealing and cheap. Please don’t eat it, and PLEASE don’t feed it to your children. You are setting their taste buds and food habits at the low end of the spectrum of health. They deserve a better start.

    thanks, and Love.

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