No GMO T-Shirt Design Contest

Threadless is sponsoring a No GMO T-Shirt Design Contest. The winning designer will receive $500 cash and several other prizes.

The contest is intended to create awareness of the amount of genetically-modified organisms in our food supply. If a small number of consumers avoid GMOs in our food, the economics will work against the GMO suppliers.

This short video explains the ideas behind the contest. There’s more about the contest after the video.

The winning design will be sold on Threadless and 25% of all sales will go to the Institute for Responsible Technology.

The designer of the winning shirt receives:

  • $500 cash,
  • a $500 Threadless gift certificate (so you can buy your shirt for all your friends),
  • an iPad2 with the ShopNoGMO app by the Institute for Responsible Technology,
  • an ebook of Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey M. Smith, director of the Institute for Responsible Technology
  • The ShopNoGMO app is free, so try it out. It has a lengthy list of brands and products that don’t contain GMOs. They’re organized by categories, such as beverages or baby food, so it’s easy to use at the grocery store.

    The No GMO T-Shirt Design Contest is going on now, so submit your design and vote on the ones that are there. Designs will be accepted until August 22, so hurry.

    Image by Threadless.

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3 thoughts on “No GMO T-Shirt Design Contest”

  1. This contest is sort of funny, since most of Threadless’ shirts are printed on conventional cotton, that vast majority of which is genetically modified. I hope they print the winner on organic cotton, at least!

    Still, high fives for raising awareness about GMOs in our food supply!

    1. I went back and checked and I think the tees might be organic cotton.

      There are some really good designs on there already. I like the one where the monster tomato is chasing the small, cute tomatoes.

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