No GMO Sign at Natural Products Expo

no GMO

We sadly couldn’t make it out to the Natural Products Expo this year, but when I ran across this no-GMO sign from the conference yesterday, I knew I had to share it with you guys.

More on GMOs:

Photo via littleone08 on Instagram

2 thoughts on “No GMO Sign at Natural Products Expo”

  1. What a load of hooey,I am willing to bet you have no clue as to the difference between a GMO and a GEO. hint this first has to do with bees the latter involves a petrie dish.

  2. The USDA and the FDA define GMO to include GE, as well as plants modified by the traditional means of cross pollination, although it’s true that GE refers specifically to genetically engineered organisms. In the media, popular usage of the term GMO is associated with genetic engineering, which is the manipulation of recombinant DNA in cells, which takes place in the laboratory.
    By the way petri dish is not spelled “petrie”.

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