News You Didn’t Know You Wanted: Garlic Heist Squashed

garlic heistQ: What is a crime a vampire would never commit?

A: Garlic theft.

It may not have involved vampires, or supernatural figures of any kind, but Austria did just experience a massive heist — of garlic. It’s not quite diamond espionage, but it sure did leave authorities scratching their heads (and holding their noses).

FromΒ Huffington Post:

“The Austria Press Agency says police stopped three overloaded and sagging vans about to cross into Hungary from Austria on Wednesday and found them packed to the roof with the pungent cargo. After questioning the five men in the vehicles they charged them on suspicion ofΒ receiving stolen goods.”

But why risk all that for some aromatic cloves?

Well, the 9.5 tons of garlic recovered were reportedly worthΒ $37,500. That could pay off a student loan or two!

Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, conskeptical

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