News on the Smart Center for Food Safety: Goals, Campaigns, Tools and Strategies

The Center for Food Safety (CFS) “is a non-profit public interest and environmental advocacy membership organization established in 1997 by its sister organization, International Center for Technology Assessment, for the purpose of challenging harmful food production technologies and promoting sustainable alternatives.” CFS has several campaigns going to help educate us about what to eat and what is just not safe. For example,

here are some of their recent campaigns:
Genetically Engineered Food

Food and Global Warming

Cloned Animals


Organic and Beyond

National Organic Coalition


Food Irradiation

Sewage Sludge

Mad Cow Disease

CFS combines and utilizes multiple strategies, including “litigation and legal petitions for rulemaking, legal support for various sustainable agriculture and food safety constituencies, as well as public education, grassroots organizing and media outreach.”

The Center for Food Safety has offices in Washington, DC and San Francisco, California.

Above image of a spoonful of cereal is in the public domain.

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