New Food Documentary: Forks Over Knives

Archival shot of a milk delivery truck. Milk has long been thought to be “Nature’s perfect food”
Forks Over Knives questions the assumption that milk is “Nature’s perfect food,”

You know we love a good food documentary around here, and I have to admit that I love it double when they’re encouraging folks to eat more veggies!

Obesity-related illness is costing us billions in healthcare each year, and there is no question that our Western diet is at least partially to blame. The film follows two researchers as they study treating food as medicine to fight obesity and the “diseases of affluence” that are plaguing this generation.

Check the trailer for the new food documentary:

I am super bummed that I missed the screening here in Atlanta, so don’t be like me! You can check for screenings near you on the Forks Over Knives site. The film is hitting theaters this May, so if you missed an early screening like I did, you can still catch it then.

Have any of you guys seen this food documentary yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “New Food Documentary: Forks Over Knives”

  1. Looks like another great one. I ended up here on your website recently because of a similar one and started my drastic switch to “plant-based” diet (the new softer term they’re using instead of Vegan to not scare people away I think). The Chow Down documentary–I thought that one was fantastically compelling and very well put-together. I think I’m going to make the hour or so drive to the screening in Ann Arbor, Rip Esselstyn is going to be there—plus the sponsor Whole Foods said Dr. Esselstyn just might make the drive over from Ohio!

  2. I was just noticing on the link where it tells of the advanced screenings, further down, it says coming to theaters May 6, 2011 (instead of March like I thought I only may have 2 wait til)—-disappointing, as I was waiting on various possible people to commit 2 go 2 the one near me & KNEW I was going 2 go no matter & take my daughter, but 4got 2 call 2 get tkts until late this morning, well, they sold out just this morning! :( But I’m on the list & may end up going down anyway. :)

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