New Choice Organic Tea: Lemon, Lavender and Mint

Quite often I’ve enjoyed a delightful Choice Organic Black Tea for it’s healing properties in the morning. Now in the evening I enjoy Choice Organic’s new decaffeinated healing blend with luscious lemon, lavender, mint.

“Organic Lemon Lavender Mint Herb Tea features accents of sun-blessed lavender grown on a coastal island in the Pacific Northwest. This sophisticated blend combines these blossoms with layers of mellow lemon and crisp Fair Trade Certified spearmint for a fresh yet soft-tasting herbal tea that is an ideal choice for a calming, caffeine-free cup” ~Choice Organics

Here are some facts about this tea’s three natural healing ingredients:

Lavender calms the nervous system and aids in a good rest.

Lemon is cleansing and purifying for the system, and lemon is known to cleanse the liver and it also helps to stimulate our metabolism.

Mint is a traditional medicinal herb in many cultures. Many drink mint tea to treat stomach ache and chest pains. It’s a great home remedy to help alleviate stomach pain as it aids digestion.

This tea is not just good for your body it is good for the folks that produce it too.

Lemon Lavender Mint Herb Tea is Fair Trade Certified, which absolutely guarantees fair wages, respectable living and working conditions, and a worker-managed premium. “This premium, paid by Fair Trade registered importers like Choice Organic Teas, empowers workers to improve their own lives..”

Blake Rankin, founder and president of Choice Organic Teas, tells us that, โ€œwe continue to actively incorporate Fair Trade ingredients into as many products as we can because we’ve seen, first-hand, the long-term benefits on the developing communities we have trade relationships with.โ€

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  1. just to let you know you mistakenly put a pic of a liatris flower instead of a lavender flower. They are very different flowers.

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