The New California Wine [Book Review]

New California Wine

The New California Wine: A Guide to the Producers and Wines Behind a Revolution in Taste by Jon Bonné 

New California WineThe New California Wine is a terrific new book by Jon Bonné, the wine editor of the San Francisco Chronicle. It tells the “untold story of the California wine industry: the young, innovative producers who are rewriting the rules of contemporary winemaking; their quest to express the uniqueness of California terroir; and the continuing battle to move the state away from the overly‐technocratic practices of its recent past.”

In this comprehensive guide to the new generation of must‐know wines and winemakers, Jon Bonné writes from the front lines of the California wine revolution, where he has access to the stories, philosophies, and techniques of top producers.

The New California Wine challenges the California wine industry’s “overly‐commercialized image and introduces the public to the avant‐garde winemakers who are making compelling‐‐and better‐‐wines.”  Part narrative, part authoritative purchasing reference, it is the story of the winemakers who have changed the very face of California’s wine industry.

As it turns out, Bonné champions many of the artisanal wine producers that have long been been on our radar.  He highlights some of my favorite producers like Hirsch, Tablas Creek, Matthiasson and Two Shepards. These new American winemakers are not only leading the way in domestic winemaking, but they are also at the forefront of sustainability. No doubt that’s because sustainability and quality go hand in hand in winemaking.

Featuring discussions on more than 600 wines and detailed maps of growing regions and vineyards, The New California Wine is a necessary addition to any wine lover’s bookshelf.

Reprinted with permission from The New California Wine by Jon Bonné, copyright (c) 2013. Published by Ten Speed Press, a division of Random House, Inc. Photography (c) 2013 by Erik Castro


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