Nestlé Exec Says GMOs Aren’t Necessary to Feed the World

Nestle GMO
Nestlé head of sustainabile agriculture, Hans Jöhr

We don’t have much love for giant food corporation Nestlé around here. From promoting formula over breast milk in developing countries to infringing on water rights, Nestlé doesn’t exactly scream sustainability. That’s why it was pretty shocking to read that Hans Jöhr, corporate head of sustainable agriculture at Nestlé said that we don’t need GMOs to feed the world.

Say what? This is the same company that’s a major contributor in the campaign against GMO labeling in California.

Jöhr says that sustainability, from his viewpoint, is all about food’s water footprint. Food Navigator reports that at a recent sustainability conference, he said that GMOs are “not a golden bullet” to solve our food problems and that what’s important to them is consumer demand. He said that if consumers don’t want GMOs in their food products, “you don’t put it in them.”

Of course, these are remarks from just one exec, and when it comes to corporations keeping their word on things like this, I’ll believe it when I see it. If you feel strongly about keeping GMOs out of our food system, though, this feels like a good time to tell the folks at Nestlé what we want as consumers, since it sounds like they might be willing to give it to us. Want to let Nestlé know how you feel? Send them a note through their contact page asking them to get GMOs out of their products!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Nestlé

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