Neal Barnard, John McDougall TED Talks: Health Benefits of Plant-Based Diet

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Two recent TED talks deserve atttention from health-conscious foodies. Dr. Neal Bernard and Dr. John McDougall present compelling support for ‘the elephant in the room,’ in modern health care: a low-fat, whole-foods vegan diet can prevent and even reverse chronic disease. Watch the videos here — then share them with anyone you know who eats food!

TED Who?

For those unfamiliar with its excellent work, TED is a nonprofit organization dedicated to highlighting and sharing ‘ideas worth spreading’ — originally focused on technology, entertainment, and design, its scope has spread to all domains of human endeavor. The designation ‘TEDx’ indicates an independently organized event, within the organization’s guidelines, rather than material presented at one of TED’s biannual conferences. TED video talks attract a global audience of millions.

John McDougall: The Food We Were Born to Eat

Last month, Dr. John McDougall presented a TEDx talk about the connections between plant-based starch — as found in traditional diets based on potatoes, corn, or rice — and human health. He draws from extensive medical experience to conclude that plant-based diets are the key to combatting chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes, currently devastating the health of Americans — and anyone who eats like we do.

Neal Barnard: The 100 Million Diabetic Dilemma

Then on December 4, Dr. Neal Barnard offered in-depth consideration of the ongoing American health crisis, particularly the skyrocketing diabetes epidemic. He explores the question of exactly what diet humans seem best suited to eating, and offers convincing arguments that the answer is ‘plants’ — especially when it comes to preventing or reversing diabetes.

Both these TED talks are well worth watching, for anyone interested in the deep connections between food and health.

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  1. These were wonderful videos. I have enjoyed many of Dr. McDougall Videos. He candid and honest.
    I been a member of Dr. Barnard’s organization PCRM for many years. I started originally because of Anti-vivisection. I myself guilty of mutilatiing many animals in my college classes. Anyway, Dr. Barnard presentations are extraordinary good for the “Layperson”. Both these physicians been very dedicated doctors who sincerely cares about human health and the health of our Earth.

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