Natural Cold Remedies: Healing Foods

Natural Cold Remedies: Healing Foods

Are you dealing with a winter cold? These food-based natural cold remedies can help!

Getting sick in the winter is the pits. Really, there’s no “good time” to get sick, but when you have a cold, this dry winter weather plus the drying effects from running the heater just seem to exacerbate your symptoms, don’t they? These natural cold remedies work in two ways: some support your immune system to help you get better faster, and others soothe symptoms to help you feel a little bit better right now. Some do both!

Of course, even better than using these natural cold remedies when you’re sick is to avoid getting sick in the first place, right? Check out some tips on avoiding winter illness and a few suggestions for nipping that cold in the bud. If you do get sick, though, we’ve rounded up a few of our food-based favorite natural cold remedies to help you feel better fast!

1. Tomato Tea

Tomato tea might sound a little gross, but this natural cold remedy is basically a soothing mug of tomato soup. It’s packed with mix-ins that help boost your immune system and help address those symptoms that are causing you discomfort.

2. Rosemary Wellness Simmer

This natural cold remedy isn’t one that you eat, but it is food-based. It also makes your house smell amazing as its healing antibacterial properties help your body fight those nasties!

3. Ayurvedic Tea

This ginger and holy basil tea supports your immune system and eases cold symptoms. You might have trouble finding holy basil – also known as tulsi – at the store, but you can order it online to have handy in case you come down with a cold.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar Water

Did your cold come with a fever? Those fever chills are no fun at all. Try this mix of apple cider vinegar and water to help bring down your fever naturally.

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3 thoughts on “Natural Cold Remedies: Healing Foods”

  1. I think natural remedies for colds are increasingly the way to go. After all, medical science has failed to find a cure for the common cold yet, eh?

    Juicing, I find, usually kerps them at bay for me, but I’m sorely tempted to try the tea, if for no other reason than it sounds delicious.

    Good work.

  2. Mike, of course they’re the way to go! Juicing is fantastic, and gives your health a huge boost. Couldn’t speak more highly of it.

    As far colds go, I’d also add garlic into the mix. Works really well. You could even throw some into your juice ;)

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