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Usually when I go to my favorite cheese shop and ask for “something special, something local” I get a good, solid recommendation and move on. Except for the time at Dean & Deluca in Napa where they told me they didn’t have any cheese there that I couldn’t get in the city. But, I digress…

Yesterday, when I asked, however, I was presented with a challenge: The folks at Point Reyes Farmstead have created a new blue cheese and they are looking for a name.

Juliana Uruburu, the Cheese Program Director for The Pasta Shop at Market Hall in Oakland, CA explained that she’s been with selling cheese here for years (decades actually) and it has always been her intention to develop relationships with cheese makers and tell their stories. That said, Juliana had the distinct honor of being the only retailer in America to have this new cheese from the Giacomini family, who own Point Reyes Farmstead.ย  The Giacominis have been making farmstead dairy products for over 100 years ago and and are well known for their exquisite, award-winning Point Reyes Original Blue. A few years ago, apparently one of their young upstart cheese makers started experimenting and came up with a new 100% raw cow milk blue that has been aged 6 to 8 months. I tasted it and it is delicious; it is rich, nutty and packed with flavor and texture. Juliana aptly described it as: “Dense, sweet, nutty; resembling Stilton with a dry quality that lingers on the palate.”

Right now the unnamed cheese is only available at their booth at the Ferry Plaza Framer’s Market or at Rockridge Market Hall. If you’re local go get a taste. If not, try to imagine.

So, let’s help them out … got a great name?ย  Post it in the comments below by Monday, August 1st and I’ll pass it along to Juliana and the Giacominis.

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  1. Since Reyes translates to King…I say…King Blue, Re Blu (in Italian, according to an online translator), Reyes Azul (in Spanish), or simply Azul. or…Nutty Blue. How Do you Blue? Ahhh-BLUE! Baby Blue. Blue 1.0.

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