My Plate: Real Food vs. USDA Guidelines

USDA My Plate

The folks at Civil Eats shared an excellent infographic breaking down the new USDA My Plate guidelines and giving real food nutrition tips.

What I liked best about their analysis is that they take on the obvious influence from food industry lobbyists in favor of real life, healthy advice. The graphic shows you how to avoid unhealthy foods and re-interprets the My Plate graphic, like encouraging you to drink water with your meals instead of dairy and focusing on fresh, whole foods rather than processed options.

Here’s the graphic from Civil Eats:

My Plate Infographic
[click for a full-sized version]

Image Credits:
My Plate image via USDA
Infographic via Civil Eats

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  1. I appreciate that they sent out tips in connection with the new dietary design. The vibrant colors makes it enticing as well, all in all, good job to them. Hopefully it would positively change more than a few people’s lifestyles.

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