Mutant Tomatoes: a GMO Discussion

tomato monster

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To eat GMOs or not to eat GMOs – that is the question. We tried to offer some subjective reporting, but as it turns out, we are all fairly clear that we prefer non-GMO, non-GE food. (GMO = Genetically Modified Organisms, aka GE = Genetically Engineered). We discussed a wonderful article that guest Green Diva blogger, Nancy Dreyfus posted on our blog which offers great 411 at 101 level on GMO/GE (did you get all that?). We also had a fun call from Green Diva Correspondent, Kimberly Phipps-Nichol with news from Reno, Nevada.

We had a lot of links and resources to share during the show, so hereโ€™s a link to a post on our website, which hopefully has most of it.

Listen to the show here!

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