Moyers to Interview Vandana Shiva: Physicist, Activist, Ecologist Speaks Against GMO Agriculture


“Seed is the source of life… Seed is the first link in the food chain, and therefore when you control seed you control food.” Dr. Vandana Shiva speaks eloquently about the problems inherent in biotechnology-based corporate agriculture, and passionately argues for a food system overhaul driven by consumer action. Share this preview with everyone you know who eats food! Then catch the full interview this weekend on Moyers & Company.

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“Don’t Watch This!” — Biotechnology Industry (paraphrased)

The biotechnology industry is fighting hard right now against fair labeling of GMO foods in the US. California’s ballot initiative this November could be the first serious legal challenge to GMO dominionism in American agriculture, since their quiet takeover of our food system in the 1990’s.

The potential impact of such legislation cannot be understated — in terms of health, sustainability, biodiversity, farmers’ rights, social justice, and environmental impact, the stakes in the coming GMO labeling battle loom large. Monsanto and their corporate ilk have deep and well-stuffed pockets, with public relations budgets that probably surpass the GNP of some small countries.

The ‘media specialists’ on Monsanto’s or DuPont’s payroll aren’t out there sharing multi-million-dollar information about all the problems caused by GMO agriculture!

The Knowledge-Genie Wants Out!

Interviews like this present a valuable opportunity to increase public awareness, without spending a bazillion dollars on our own communications experts, public relations companies, or media specialists — without even setting up fake ‘grass roots’ organizations to support whatever corporation paid us off!

We can simply speak the truth as we see it — and share, when someone speaks it as beautifully as Dr. Shiva.

Beyond spreading awareness of Dr. Shiva’s upcoming appearance on Moyers & Company, here’s what else you can do:

  • Vote your dollar! Buy organic or ‘Non-GMO’ labeled food every chance you get, until we see change on this issue. Reward producers who aren’t trying to trick you into eating stuff you wouldn’t buy if they labeled it. Go here to learn more about avoiding GMOs.
  • Join GMO Free USA on facebook or yahoo; share information about this issue on all your social networks.
  • If you live in a state with pending GMO labeling legislation, agitate! Call, write, and generally pester your representatives to demand accurate labeling of genetically modified foods. Volunteer with a local Right to Know Group. Vote! And bring people with you!
  • Wherever you live, sign this to show support for California’s GMO labeling initiative. And don’t stop demanding GMO labels until we get them!

Whether we’re talking about GMO labeling or pink slime or agricultural antibiotics, mainstream media coverage (and therefore consumer awareness) seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.

That bodes well for ye olde food revolution!

  1. Pamm Larry

    Hey… great article. Thanks for it and directing folks our way to get this done. Alone, we can feel pretty helpless with all these food issues…but when we come together we can truly make change. We need all hands on deck as they are coming out with guns blaring. Just shows you they are scared of the truth or they’d label their products. Thanks, again!

    1. Tanya Sitton

      Thank YOU! CA Right to Know is doing an amazing job… there are a lot of folks across the country (including a goodly bunch of of EDB readers/ writers!) cheering you on… Keep up the excellent work! :-)

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