Movie Review: Chow Down. Eat Like Your Life Depends on It.

“Imagine if we all woke up to headlines in the morning newspaper­­ saying ‘breakthrough discovery will eliminate 90% of all diabetes…and prevent 60% of all cancer’.

This stuff would be worthy of the Nobel prize.  Well, we’re sitting on it right now.  It doesn’t require a great medical advance; it requires putting to use the knowledge we already have.”

Chow Down follows three individuals on their quest to eliminate ‘chronic’ diseases through a plant-based diet.  Instead of opting for surgery and medication, these patients are going to try to treat the cause of their illness: diet.

It is scientifically known that diet is a major cause of the following illnesses: high blood pressure, heart and cardiovascular disease, stroke, adult onset diabetes, and even cancer.  These diseases account for up to 70% of American deaths each year!

Too often, in our society of excess, instead of treating the causes of the illness, we opt for surgery or medicine to ‘fix’ the problem.  Sadly, it seems sometimes that this is the way the three big forces want it to be:

  • Industry: because they make big profits off of processed and unhealthy foods.
  • Medicine: because they make money off of giving you pills and surgery to ‘fix’ the problem.
  • Government: because it is infiltrated by lobbyists for meat, dairy and corporate food giants so they can adjust policy and recommendations to continue to make profits, regardless of the affect on public health.

The movie does a great job of showing how real people have taken the plunge to a plant-based diet in order to reverse disease without resorting to surgery or medication.  The people followed are normal, lovable people who are faced with doctors telling them that surgery and/or medicine is the only option.  They seek help from doctors – some of whose names you may recognize – who will help the treat the cause with diet and lifestyle changes rather than pushing them into surgery.

The people in the documentary are legit.  They don’t make it look easy.  It shows their struggles, their feelings and their failures of giving up their lives of excess in order to improve their health.  It also does a great job of showing how families can be either both helpful and a hindrance to such an undertaking.

Recommended as inspiration to anyone who wants to take control of their own health, free from the influence of big pharma, big food and big government.

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  1. Nathan Schock

    While not a vegetarian, I made plants the primary focus of my diet two years ago. I have since lost 30 lbs and feel and look much better than I did before. All it required was gaining the knowledge of the problem and the solution. It sounds like more people should see this movie.

  2. Jewel@fit-and-fabulous-jewel

    Over the last year I have slowly shifted my family to a plant-based diet. As of Labor Day this year we are now vegan! We participated in the PCRM 21-day vegan challenge and shockingly my husband and 2/3 of the kidlets (and myself of course) are still with it. My nonbelieving husband was turned into a believer when after only one week his chronic 40+year history of a constant stuffed and running nose cleared up. He has not taken a Benedryl or had to go to bed because of allergy suffering since.

    Just found this website (looking for some vegan sushi recipes) and looking forward to exploring more of it.

  3. Joey Robison

    This looks like a great movie, and I’d love to show it at my local food co-op! A few years ago I drastically changed my health by changing my diet. I was once a sugar addict, and now I literally crave vegetables. We as a society don’t give enough credit or respect to food’s affect on our health, both physical and emotional.

  4. Monique

    My Dad was in the hospital for a month this past summer with endocarditis. I have been trying to get him to change his diet, and maybe this movie will help him understand the very direct relationship between the food he eats and his health.

  5. Nicole

    I am looking forward to seeing this movie. I currently follow the Eat-2-Live diet, put together by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, based in large part on information from Dr. Campbell’s work in China.

  6. Karen

    I just finished Maria Rodale’s _Organic Manifesto_ and and totally on board with the concept of food as medicine ~ but, after reading her book, think it should be organic food! I really, really need to follow a plant based diet but am not sure where to begin. I’d LOVE to win the video because I’m sure watching these peoples’ stories would help me get started.

  7. Sarah

    I was diagnosed with diabetes in Dec. I am not overweight and have been a vegatarian for 10 years (did eat eggs and dairy) Since my diagnoses I have read every option available to me and a Vegan diet makes so much sense. I only wish my Dr’s were on board with this effective treatment! A little frustrating to say the least.

  8. Mary

    I have seen a huge shift in my children’s willingness to eat vegetables with three factors in place. 1) repeated exposure to the tastes 2) getting to know the farmers that grow our food 3) seeing me enthusiastically eating veggies every day. Now they ask for sauteed kale and mushrooms, chow down steamed broccoli, and are working on tolerance for beets. I’d love to watch the movie with them!

  9. Cindy

    My boys (10 & 13) have been taught about natural eating. We garden and we talk about and use food as medicine. There is always so much more to learn. My boys started kidsfoodrevolution.com (on facebook/website almost complete) so they can get the word out to kids their age. Some of their friends don’t even eat vegetables… at all. It was shocking to hear that. It’s time for change and I find it exciting that kids want to educate their friends! I haven’t seen this movie but I’m hoping too. Thanks for all that you do to educate. You are appreciated! I have you on facebook but I don’t use twitter. I think I am signed up for your newsletter, but just in case, I will attempt to sign up again now to make sure. Have a blessed day!

  10. SarahB

    After reading books by Michael Pollan and Frances Moore Lappe and taking courses in college about Local Food and Communities I became more interested in the food I was buying and where it came from. As I have just graduated college I don’t have a huge income, but I try to be conscious of what I put in my body!

  11. Brian S. Bradley

    Wow. I grew up on a small farm in Oklahoma where we raised cows, pigs and chickens. I was told never to make friends with the animals. Even though I witnessed the slaughter, I was told animal foods were “good for me”. Now in my forties, I am pulling off my blinders and educating myself of the wonderful benefits of a plant-based diet. I appreciate the efforts of people who are blazing the trail of good health!

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