Mooove away from the rBGH, Monsanto

Monsanto announced on August 6 it will sell off its controversial genetically engineered animal drug, recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). Organic Consumers Association helped organize an email campaign against the drug for the last several years, generating over a quarter of a million emails and petition signatures against the use ofr rBGH. Historically, Monsanto also made Agent Orange, PCBs, and herbicides that produced dioxin as a byproduct. The chemical production side of the company was spun off and rebranded as Solutia

Not one to be deterred either, Organic Consumer Association will continue with their โ€œMillions Against Monsantoโ€ campaign, this time petitioning for the labeling and safety testing of genetically-modified foods.

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2 thoughts on “Mooove away from the rBGH, Monsanto”

  1. It will be very interesting to see who, if anyone, buys this. There was a huge demand from the public for rBGH-free products, but with skyrocketing food prices, I wonder if that demand will lessen as people compromise on the quality of their food.

  2. Monsanto owes us a plant that will grow like a weed and produce bio-diesel like an Arab does oil! I promise we won’t eat it so it won’t bring too much bad press about upset tummies. Nest, I want a series of GMO’ed backyard garden veggies to save us from recession/depressions! Hemp is supposed to be able to replace wood for paper – how bout a “safe” hemp plant, GMOed to never produce dope, but good for paper and oil? Big companies just don’t seem to have any imagination anymore, no wonder GM goes broke by the day! Like Monsanto, they forgot the power of the simple folk! Sell us some useful GMOs at walmart to make a fast buck,you guys!

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