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What does riffing on bad sci-fi films have to do with Monsanto? Usually, not much, which is why I was surprised to hear a reference to the biotech giant in an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K).

First, some context: My husband and I have some of our favorite people over on Monday nights to watch old episodes of the sci-fi series, and not too long ago we were watching Fugitive Alien when Joel and the bots launched into this gem of a sketch:

If you can’t watch the video, here’s a partial transcript of the bit:

Hi everybody. Welcome to the Satellite of Love. You caught us in the middle of one of Joel’s life-simulation exercises. Joel’s pretending to be a dairy farmer from southern Wisconsin. HELP USSSS!

Hi there, folks. You know, I’d been having trouble with velvet leaf, cutworm and, uh, foxtail and, well, that’s when the representative from Monsanto came out to my farm. He recommended a pre-emergent, inferral mixture of Lorsban with Atrazine in a tank mix and I told him to get off my land.

I promise that hilarity ensues.

What’s remarkable about this clip is that MST3K has been off the air for years, long before Monsanto was big news for most of us. In fact, the Fugitive Alien episode first ran in August of 1991!

That’s not the only time the MST3K gang has referenced big agriculture. Check out this short, The Truck Farmer:

Have you guys run across any unexpected pop culture references to Monsanto or big agriculture? My friends and I were discussing why Monsanto was on their radar back in 1991, and think that maybe it’s because the MST3K gang is from the midwest. What do you think?

Image Credit: Screenshot from video above.

  1. rhonda winter

    There is a spoken word piece simply entitled “Monsanto” on the Olympia compilation “Drinking From Puddles” by Pleasant Gehman that is great. It is a short story about the cheezy Monsanto sponsored people mover ride into inner space that used to exist in Futureland at Disney’s Anaheim theme park. At the entrance to the ride it said in giant letters: Sponsored by Monsanto. Agent Orange, DDT, toxic chemical death Monsanto. Sadly, the giant eyeball and Monsanto sign are now long gone.


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