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Vegan Tostadas

The middle of the week is typically pretty low energy. We’re in the thick of the work week without that little boost from knowing that the weekend is almost here. When energy is low, cooking tends to go out the window. How do you handle that slump?

It always helps to have a little cooking inspiration, so last week we asked our Facebook fans what they had cooking for mid-week dinners. Here’s what they had to say:

Amy Barker cooks up “veggie fajitas with black beans and rice.”

Crystal Miron had a bunch of quickie meal ideas:

Black bean soup.
Cheddar, Black Bean, & Veggie Quesadillas.
Cubed pork chops (they cook really fast) with steamed butternut squash and steamed asparagus.
Spring Greens with Pear and Gorgonzola salad, deviled egg and sour dough toast.
Those… are the “good” dinners. Once in awhile we resort to tacos and pizza like everyone else. :)

I love that she admits to picking up dinner to go from time to time. Giving yourself permission to blow off cooking some nights really helps keep it fun the rest of the time.

Kera Mchugh responded with a more elaborate meal idea:

locally made lamb & oregano sausage with sauteed bc mushrooms, garlic… slow cooked in tomato juice til the juice reduces to a nice sauce… add in slices of local sourdough to soak up the sauce… serve pipin’ hot… (oh, and ok, add some local organic greens if you gotta have salad… today wasn’t a salad day for me :D)

For a vegan version, try a tempeh sausage or store bought vegan sausage in place of the lamb.

Over in my kitchen, tostadas and salads have been the simple meal go-to. Lots of beans, greens, sprouted organic corn tortillas, and guacamole!

What’s your favorite mid-week meal? I’d love to continue the discussion in the comments!

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