Michigan Ditches Its Right to Farm Act

Michigan Ditches Its Right to Farm Act

Urban homesteaders in Michigan have had it easy for over three decades, but the state has ended its Right to Farm Act.

What does that mean? The act protected homeowners who wanted to keep chickens, goats, bees, etc on their property as long as they didn’t directly impact surrounding properties. Now that the act is gone, homesteaders will have to start proving that their coops aren’t too close to their property lines and defending their herds of goats if neighbors complain.

Julie Finn at our sister site Insteading wrote a piece about the Right to Farm Act, and you can check it out in full below.

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Michigan Hates Chickens (and Bees, and Goats): No More β€œRight to Farm” (via Insteading)

Do you keep backyard chickens? Or have a beehive? Or own a couple of very spoiled goats/lawnmowers? Yeah, Michigan hates you. Michigan, whose β€œRight to Farm” act used to be the envy of all the other backyard chicken owners/urban beekeepers/goat…

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