Michigan Meatout Day Draws Controversy

When Michigan governor Jennifer M. Granholm declared this Saturday “Michigan Meatout Day,” the meat lobby in her state went ballistic.

This video from a local area news outlet WXSP gives a little bit of insight into the fallout over her declaration:


Yikes! I have a hard time believing that a single day of vegetarianism, even state-wide, would mean the end of agriculture and business in the state of Michigan. I’m sort of surprised to see folks getting so upset about this with movements like Meatless Monday gaining popularity. She wasn’t even calling for folks to skip the meat every Saturday, just this one day, and leaving out the meat from time to time is definitely healthier for your body and for the planet!

The major downside to this situation is that it’s been very polarizing. Meat eaters seem to feel like they’re under attack, and no one is open to suggestions or discourse in a situation like that.

You can read Governor Granholm’s declaration on her website. What do you think about the governor’s declaration? Does it help or hurt the vegetarian and vegan movement?

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Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Ian Mynard

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2 thoughts on “Michigan Meatout Day Draws Controversy”

  1. It’s strange that there should be so much fuss. It’s Lent and a lot of people aren’t eating meat on Fridays anyway.

    My grandparents raised beef cattle and even they didn’t eat meat every day. It’s certainly not the end of cattle ranching.

  2. I’ve been amused by the ‘omygodtheworldisending!!!!!!!’ response from ag producers…

    Here it is, guys: based on national health statistics, the way Americans are eating right now isn’t working out so great; so, ya know, maybe we should try out something different…

    Take deep breaths.

    The sky is not falling.

    To quote Tom Robbins (‘Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates’): “People of zee wurl, ree-lax!”

    I don’t think this either helped or hurt the veggie movement… it’s a predictable overreaction from the old, when faced with the new. Happens all the time, whenever there’s social change… and it’s certainly not news that meat-eaters get defensive easily! Not my problem. :-)

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