Miami Beach’s Drinking Straw Ban

drinking straw

Miami Beach is attempting to curb pollution by banning those ubiquitous drinking straws.

Don’t you just love the beach? It’s so nice to kick off your shoes and feel the warm sand on your feet. It’s especially relaxing if you have some kind of fruity libation in your hand, right? If you’re kicking back on South Beach, that cocktail will soon be missing one familiar element: a straw.

If you’ve ever looked closely at the beach, discarded straws are ever.y.where. I mean, seriously. After cigarette butts, those plastic straws are probably one of the most common bits of beach trash. A new litter ordinance is looking to change that, and hotels that serve drinks to beachgoers could face fines of $50 to $500.

The ban is not for private individuals, only for hotels, and it only bans plastic straws. Paper straws are OK, since they biodegrade. Now, if they’d just ban smoking on the beach, we’d really start to see some pristine sand!

You can check out more about the straw ban, including a video report, over at

What do you think about the straw ban? Do you think it will help curb plastic pollution at the beach? Can you enjoy a frosty cocktail without a straw?

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2 thoughts on “Miami Beach’s Drinking Straw Ban”

  1. Vince Dobson

    My first reaction, when I saw the title was “the government has too much power trying to regulate our private lives”. But, after reading the entirearticle, I’m thinking it might be a good thing since it is only against hotels, they can use paper straws and the seriousness of so much plastic waste choking our oceans. We need to get away from everything being made out of petroleum with plastics we really need (like food containers) being made from corn so it bio-degrades.

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